Courtside Karen Turns Out to Be the Wife of a LeBron James Hater

Lebron James And Lakers And Hawks Logo With Ejected Fan Courtside Karen Tweet

  • Officials ejected a couple of Atlanta Hawks fans for engaging in a verbal war with LeBron James on Monday night at the State Farm Center.
  • James referred to the woman as Courtside Karen in a Twitter post.
  • The woman claimed that James called her husband “old steroid ass” which prompted her to go after James.

The Los Angeles Lakers picked up a win over the Atlanta Hawks on Monday but it wasn’t the defending champions’ victory that made the headlines.

Fans were ejected during the 4th quarter of the game after a verbal war against Lakers’ star LeBron James. After the game, James referred to the woman who heckled him as “Courtside Karen” and overnight, she became viral.

Courtside Karen’s Identity

Courtside Karen is 25-year old Juliana Carlos, the latest wife of Atlanta businessman Chris Carlos. According to the Q & A in her YouTube page, she revealed that she met husband Chris on a double blind date. The couple were engaged in Mexico and were married just last December.

According to Juliana, LeBron James called her husband “Ol steroid ass”, which prompted her to lose her cool, take off her face mask, and go off on LeBron James which the cameras caught. Courtside Karen was also filmed leaving the arena with her middle finger held high.

James meanwhile, admitted to having a “back and forth between two grown men” where both of them said their pieces. He even went on to say that he didn’t think that they deserved to be booted out of the arena but added that the Carlos couple might have had a couple of drinks. Regardless, she had no right to take off her face mask during the confrontation.

Here’s Juliana explaining her side of the story:

Not the First Time for Mr. Carlos

Courtside Karen’s husband, Chris, is a partner in the Republic National Distributing Company, one of the U.S.’s top wholesale beverage alcohol distributors. The company was former when Carlos’ family-owned National Distributing Company merged with Republic Beverage in 2007. Chris Carlos has served on the board of directors for The March of Dimes and on the committee of organizations like the Ronald McDonald House, Children’s Hospital, and Murphy’s Heart. Records reveal that he donated thousands of dollars to the losing cause of Republican David Perdue in the recent Georgia senatorial race.

Past social media posts also reveal that he is a LeBron James hater. In one Instagram post that is now deleted, Carlos wrote “Can u tell i don’t like this guy. My Hawks took it to them. Thanks Team Hawks and Coach Bud.”

This isn’t the first time that Chris’ wife has been in the public eye during an NBA game. In 2017, his second ex-wife and former Hawaiian Tropic model, Nicole Jockish Carlos went viral during a Hawks game for a very revealing outfit:

Good news for Courtside Karen

The Atlanta Hawks are still conducting an investigation on the incident but the good news for Courtside Karen is that she isn’t banned from watching the Hawks’ home games. Atlanta is currently one of 10 NBA teams that are allowing fans in their stadiums.

Having fans around is something that most players miss. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to limit or prohibit NBA fans from rooting for their favorite teams and players. Even LeBron James said that he missed those kind of encounters with fans.

Speaking of which, the Lakers are 2-0 when fans piss LeBron James off. James also went off, but on the court, when a Cleveland Cavaliers exec celebrated a missed shot at the end of the third quarter. In the fourth quarter of those two games, James has averaged 16.5 points on 75% shooting. He’s only scoring 6.8 points on 42.5% shooting in the 4th period for the season.

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