Choosing Between the Online Casino or Sports Betting

Online gambling continues to grow because it is both fun and potentially profitable. Most online betting sites like Bovada offer both casinos and sportsbooks.

While they are both gambling, the difference between the two can be stark. Depending on what type of player you are, you may be better picking one over the other.

Online casinos are more dependent on luck

The biggest difference between casinos and sports betting is the luck proponent. Yes, both involve a fair bit of luck but casinos are more dependent on this.

Online casinos also have a higher upside than sports betting. Slots have jackpots and so does roulette. Even some card games like special types of poker and blackjack have progressive jackpots.

This is the ultimate temptation of online casinos. Any average joe or jane can sign up for just $50 then walk away winning thousands just by getting lucky.

The only downside to this high upside is that players have less control over it than sports wagerers.

While any seasoned casino player can turn a bad hand into winnings, their options are more constrained than in sports because of the simpler nature of casino gambling.

Casino games are easier to learn and require less strategy

Another reason why online casinos are so popular is that the games are easy to learn. These games be it table games, card games ,or slots, were designed for tourists of all backgrounds.

As such, any adult can sign up for a casino and quickly learn the rules of roulette or blackjack. Slots are straightforward. And some casino games are entirely based on luck such as spinning wheel types derived from roulette or wheel of fortune.

Whereas with sports betting, there is a steep learning curve. For one, players need to be familiar with the rules of the sport.

Then, they’ll need some form of knowledge about the players, teams, and game mechanics. And most importantly, players will need to know how betting lines work, what the different types of bets are etc.

Online casinos have more bonuses and promotions

Casinos are ultimately meant to be enjoyed. Bricks-and-mortar casinos have lavish setups complete with fine dining, hotel suites fit for celebrities, and even free drinks. Online casinos have bonuses and promotions.

These bonuses and promotions start from the opening deposit: players can avail of free cash just by depositing money. Whereas sportsbooks tend to limit this deposit bonus to the first deposit, casinos can offer constant deposit bonuses.

On top of this, online casinos have daily promotions. On some days, players can get free cash for playing table games. Sometimes the deposit bonus is doubled. And slots constantly have free rolls built into the gameplay.

Casinos also offer VIP programs and rewards. All-in-all, these online sites will shower players with constant rewards in hopes they keep rolling.

Sports betting features much more betting options

Both online casinos and sportsbooks feature a bevy of games to choose from. Casinos offer gaming options including baccarat, poker, and a plethora of slots.

But sports betting options have the casino games beat. Players can choose from the main offerings of the moneylines (straight-up betting), point spreads, and totals (over/under).

Then they can dive into prop bets and futures, which are hundreds-deep. And on top of this, there are teasers and parlays and in-play betting (live betting).

There are also so many different sports and sports leagues to wager on. Even a basketball league in Russia or a volleyball competition in Asia has betting lines. The opportunities are endless.

More skill and strategy is required for sports betting

Yes, sports betting still requires some luck, especially when choosing underdogs or prop bets. But the players have a bit more customization options with sports betting.

When betting on teams or athletes, players can adjust their bets using teasers. This adjusts their potential payout so players can choose to risk more for a bigger payout or less for a smaller payout.

Parlays also give players the ability to improve their betting odds. Putting two big favourites together will yield a better return. Or if they want a lottery style bet, stack underdogs for a humongous return.

And because players have more control over their potential winnings, sports betting is a better choice for long-term profits.

The house edge is less with sports betting than with casinos

“The house always wins” is a betting adage and that is true for most gamblers who ultimately lose. Casinos have a bigger house edge than gamblers hence why they offer free bets and bonuses all the time.

For sportsbooks, their house edge comes in the form of juice (a.k.a. vig). This is the commission sportsbooks take from losing wagers.

To win in casinos, players will need to be lucky over the long-term. But for sports betting, players simply need to beat the vig to guarantee profit. It may not be as large as a casino jackpot, but a profit is a profit.


if you’re fine with depending more on luck, playing more for the thrill, and hoping for a massive payday, then choose online casinos. If you want a better shot at long-term profits and more betting options, choose sports betting.

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