Casino Verite


I like this software a lot. It emulates the real experience pretty well, down to cutting out your chips for betting and hit/stand motion with the mouse. Also being able to control the speed of the cards is just making me be able to count faster, so that’s always nice. I’m at 80% the bar currently.;

I started with 500 @ MGM Grand in Vegas, 5-100 limit. I have 2500 now, around 150 hands. Man, when these shoes go good, the cards are pretty crazy lol. They get good often enough to keep it fun. I was just curious if this continues, what are some useful features for stats I could pull up using the software? Like maybe what my spread is, how it’s working, winrate, hourly rate, that kind of thing.

I’m going to buy it once I can, using the trial for now.

I’ve failed at everything I tried to be good at, but whenever I practice playing this game I usually win, especially if I’m trying really hard. It’s too bad I couldn’t be good at something that could get me somewhere.

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