BTS: Suga left Dynamite with Sing with me on Youtube

Suga’s sing video Dynamite with me has managed to have an exorbitant number of views in a few hours.

The official YouTube channel of BTS, BangtanTV shared the videos of the seven members of the group singing Dynamite in the singular and Suga’s could not go unnoticed by the ARMY, who in a few hours managed to increase the reproductions to more than two million.

Unlike his companions who are more outgoing and like to dance and move, Suga has a peculiar way of being that ARMY describes as “cute” since she is not the number one fan of dance and will surely record herself for more than three minutes with a selfie stick while singing Dynamite was difficult for his.

Suga breaks it on Youtube

But still, she managed to get his video to have more than 2 million views within hours of being shared. The recording is about to reach a million likes and has accumulated more than 58 thousand comments from his loyal fans who sent him dozens of compliments and who noticed his shyness when singing Dynamite, his new success.

“Suga dances happily like a little child”, “omg he’s so cute and more when he’s embarrassed”, “I almost died watching this video, he’s the most adorable human being in the world”, “how can he be so cute every time he smiles and dance “,” he is too adorable “, were the comments of his loyal fans.

In the video “sing with me” there are also small blocks where all the members of the group appear, leaving Suga in the middle. At the top RM, J-Hope, Jin and below, Jimin, Jungkook and V.

Without a doubt, these videos help BTS fans feel closer to the boy band since the entire ARMY surely dreams of one day being able to meet these talented singers. Who is your favorite BTS?

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