Bookie Software for Dummies

One of the best bookie software for dummies in the industry is They provide a service for bookies of any size throughout the world. This service includes a professional sportsbook website for players to bet on thousands of betting options each and every day, and Ace manages all the lines up to the second 24/7. In addition Ace provides 24/7 support through phone, text, live chat and email, to help bookies with any type of request or advice on booking action that they may have.

The bookie software is very simple and easy to use and has numerous useful features. One of the most used features, for example, is the player management tab, where agents can create new players, and edit existing player’s passwords, wager, and credit limits, with just a couple of clicks. In addition, the player management feature also gives bookies the option to make adjustments for players for wins or losses on a wager, or to make receipts or disbursements when players pay their balances or when the bookie pays his players.

Another often-used feature on the player management tab is free play, which can easily be done for a specific player by clicking adjustment for that player and then putting the dollar amount in free play and then changing the transaction type to free play. Free plays are a very useful bonus to give players that allows them the chance to make a bet on a game with their free play amount, however, they can’t lose because if they lose the bet the free play just disappears and nothing is deducted from the player’s current balance. If they win the bet the free play still disappears but the winning amount gets credited to their current balance. Everyone loves free stuff, especially gamblers and this is a great way to reward players that refer new players to your book or to reward players when they pay what they previously lost.

Another useful tool on the bookie software is the weekly balance page which shows each player’s daily and weekly balance of what they won or lost. Also when you go to a specific day figure of a player you can click on that number to see all the bets that were graded that accumulate to that total win or lose figure for the day.

The bet ticker tab will show you all wagers that were made by players in the last 24 hours and will be color-coded based on how much money the player can win from that wager. In addition, you as the bookie can also use the open bets tab to see all open and pending wagers for your players. The other useful tab you can use is the exposure tab which will show you the net amount you have pending on specific games, which allows you to quickly and easily see the total amount that you are exposed to on any given game.

The wager listing tab allows you to see all graded and pending wagers for all players and can be sorted by a player and you can also set the time frame of how far back you want to see all players’ wagers. There are many other popular features such as a player analysis tab where you can get detailed information on any specific player on exactly what sports and types of wagers the player is winning or losing on.

There are quite a few more useful features on the site and if you can’t figure out what they specifically mean, then you can easily contact Ace 24/7 and they would be happy to explain it to you. So if you want to use an easy bookie software that even dummies can understand, then give Ace Per Head a call today at 1-800-909-5193.

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