Blackjack Match Side Bet

Blackjack Match

Blackjack MatchCasinos and gaming manufacturers have been sharing pictures of jackpot winners more than ever this year. Recently a blackjack player at Tachi Palace Casino Resort in Leemore, CA won a six-figure jackpot playing the Blackjack Matchside bet.

The unidentified player took home a big check for $382,080 for their Blackjack Match bet way back in October. Unlike some casinos, Tachi Palace Casino actually offers multiple blackjack side bets. The casino offers the Stax Super 4 Progressive Blackjack side bet in addition to the Blackjack Match bet.

The Blackjack Match side bet is similar to matching side bets you’ve probably seen over the years. The difference is that it has a progressive jackpot in addition to fixed payouts. Let’s take a look at how Blackjack Match works.

Playing Blackjack Match Payouts

Like other blackjack side bets, a player must bet on the base blackjack game in order to make a Blackjack Match side bet. This side bet can generate large jackpots because it has a larger buy-in price than most side bets. Blackjack Match requires a $5 wager instead of the $1 that most casinos require for a side bet. Note that most casinos on the Vegas Strip require $5. Other Las Vegas casinos usually have a $1 side bet.

There are two pay tables offered for Blackjack Match. We’ll use the payout table from Resorts Casino in Atlantic City, NJ.

  • The player receives an Ace first two cards: 2-1
  • A player is dealt an unsuited natural blackjack: 5-1
  • The player is dealt a suited natural blackjack: 10-1
  • Both player and dealer have an unsuited natural blackjack: 50-1
  • Both player and dealer have a suited natural blackjack: 300-1

Progressive Jackpots

The two big jackpots are when both the player and dealer have the same suited blackjacks.

  • Both player and dealer have the same suited natural blackjack: 10% of progressive jackpot
  • Both player and dealer have Ace and King of the same suit: 100% of progressive jackpot

If a player wins a progressive jackpot, anyone else playing the Blackjack Match side bet will receive an “Envy” bonus.

  • If the small jackpot is hit, each player betting on the bonus will receive $1,000.
  • If a player wins the 100% progressive jackpot, each player betting Blackjack Match will win $3,000.

Growing Popularity of Blackjack Side Bets

Side bets started with carnival games like 3 Card Poker, Let It Ride, and Mississippi Stud Poker. Anecdotally these games are mostly played by less experienced gamblers. These games are popular because they’re easy to play and offer large wins for a low minimum buy-in.

In the past decade or so we’ve seen the popularity of this type of wager grow in popularity for all casino games. In sportsbooks, parlays are more popular than ever. Players enjoy risking a little to win a lot – even if those large wins are few and far between.

Progressive jackpots are now making their way to blackjack games. While many experienced players will skip the bet, many recreational gamblers will take their shot at the glory of a big win.

Unlike many side bets, experienced players might be able to minimize the house edge for Blackjack Match. Players who can count cards could dip in and out of this wager when the count notes there may be more Tens, Face Cards, and Aces in the deck. It’s unlikely experienced counters will bother but it’s possible that skill could work for Blackjack Match.



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