Blackjack Hi-Lo Card Counter

Blackjack Hi-Lo Card Counter allows you to count cards and gain an edge over the casino like in the movies!

Start the app by selecting the number of decks used by the dealer, then every time a card is dealt press the relative button and the app will automatically calculate the true score and will tell you what to do according to the Illustrious 18 rules!


– Choose how many decks the casino is using.

– Hi-Lo strategy counter and true count: the true count is calculated by dividing the counter by the number of decks chosen.

Odds: very helpful feature that displays exactly the odds of hitting a 10 or an ace or a certain score or below (for example 7- : 60% means you have 60% chance of hitting a 7 or below).

– Illustrious 18: the famous variations of playstyle that are shown once a certain true count score is reached.

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