Blackjack 1960s Viola Style Electric MIJ – $375 (Windham, NH)

Pretty rare and super cool looking Blackjack 1960s viola style Electric MIJ, probably in the Matsumoku factory for Teisco, Guyatone or Aria.

3 color sunburst, tremolo tailpiece (no trem arm). 2 pickups, ~ 25” scale, 1 volume and 1 tone knob. Plays generally very well with low action and new strings. This looks like it used to have a pickguard, but not currently. Includes original chipboard case.

Known issues: There are several finish cracks that look cosmetic. The low E string frets out between 7th and 11th frets. This is missing the bridge thumbwheels for height adjustment. The volume knob over-rotates, but functions.

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