Blackjack 131 ACE .25 cal

Yes- I re-barreled my .257wby with a Proof 1-7.5, 26″ and ran the 131 ACE. I had a comfortable load running that bullet just over 3300fps. For comparison I was only getting 115 VLDs to 3400.

The ACE BC is spot on to 800 yards (furthest I shot it) and it is a freaking laser. I’ve seen a bit of data with the Proof .257 barrels and they don’t seem to be particularly fast. Id be very tempted to run a 5r Bartlein or similar and see if it can top out over 3400. I didn’t tinker much with powder.

With a 100 yard zero it was only 12.5 MOA to 800 yards! And there is more energy and much less wind drift than a 7 mag running 162-168s

The bullet itself performs great as a hunting round; similar to a Berger with explosive internal damage. I will say the tips are a bit more closed than a standard Berger and I opened mine up uniformly with a small wire bit.

I killed a 30″ Aoudad at 147 yards with that bullet and he only made it 30 yards because it was downhill…

A 7.5 twist is all you need if you are pushing that bullet hard in a Wby or -06. Depending on your handloading options and brass availability you can get close to the same velocities 3200+ from a 25SST, 25PRC or 25-284 and burn way less powder.

You could also run a 25CM and have some small commercial, custom loader support if you just wanted to buy ammo and most guys are getting 2900+ from that case.

Great option for doing something different and there are some rumors that additional heavy, high BC bullets are on the way from other major manufacturers.

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