Bets on Biden Not Finishing His Term Come in Bigly at BetOnline

There has been a flood of bets coming in on Joe Biden not finishing his term as President of the United States according to Dave Mason of BetOnline.


Chances are, go on your favorite Republican Pro-Trump Facebook friend’s page and you’re bound to see post after post regarding a Biden who is not entirely lucid. There will be claims he’s suffering from all out Alzheimer’s Disease. That’s thrown in with a pinch of cancel culture and mention of Dr. Suess.

Back to reality, Biden’s sitting at 60 percent approval among voters.

All the noise has BetOnline dropping its line a quarter to -175 from -200 as there are plenty of takers he won’t complete his term. That bet pays $135 on a $100 bet.

– Gilbert Horowitz,

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