Best Trump Odds Pay Out $140, Best Biden Odds Pay Out Even

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If you like former Vice President Joe Biden to be elected the next US President, your best bet in terms of payout odds can be found at BetOnline with even odds payouts ($100 paid on a $100 bet). Most books require $150 to win $100 and up.

Some 86% of the bets that came in following the Republican Convention at BetOnline were on the current US President, Donald J. Trump. This prompted BOL to make Trump a slight favorite to win the Election.

The European books, which see plenty of action on US Presidential races (this year’s should be a record breaker), have Biden and Trump each at 10/11 odds across the board. The smaller number before the larger number indicate he is still a slight favorite with €10 paid out on a €11 bet.

There are some exceptions to this rule as a handful of European bookmakers had Trump at Even odds. Among them: Betfair, Genting, Betway and Paddy Power. Even odds are the best payout currently available on Biden (at BetOnline).

Some US-facing books offer better than Even odds payouts on Trump as well. Jazz Sports offers the best payout on Trump at the moment: $14 for every $10 bet or $140 on a $100 bet.

While Biden leads Trump in most polls, including a number of crucial swing states, the current President’s approval rating remains relatively stable.

The flood of bets on Trump at BetOnline come as the Democratic Convention enjoyed higher television viewership numbers than did the GOP Convention. Trump claimed Saturday that the Republican Convention enjoyed stronger ratings if one were to include online viewership.

“The Fake News doesn’t want to report these numbers,” Trump ranted via his favorite social media outlet, Twitter. “Too bad we don’t have honest reporting when it comes to ‘Trump’. Phony sources, they say anything and think they get away with it. November 3rd.”

One ominous sign for the current White House occupant: His acceptance speech television ratings were down nearly a quarter from his first acceptance speech in 2016.

Reuters was quick to point out that the decline partly reflects an overall drop in TV viewership in recent years, and the fact that both political conventions this year were held largely in a virtual format because of the coronavirus pandemic.

All Wagers Have Action. No Refunds. Others On Request. BetOnline offers wagering on each state’s winning outcome.

– Gilbert Horowitz,

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