Baccarat – Question to those that uses the martingale betting method | Page 3 |

Everything is relative. If a person starts his bet at 1,000, his 5th step would be 16,000. And if he starts at 10,000, it would be at 160,000.

And hence the stated qualifier ‘It is important that you have a big bankroll’. 2 things here. The qualifier denotes that this methodology, this strategy, is not making the most efficient use of capital. By that, a lot of people would exclude themselves.

Secondly, as an investor for the past many years, I have learned to invest only the minimal the promoter requires. If you give him the luxury of a financial cushion, be sure he will use the cushion. If one cannot manage small money, what makes him think he can manage big money?

Like I have said many times before, there are different alternatives to be a winner at baccarat. But never ever say ‘You need a big(ger) bankroll.” Unless you are really rich in which case one need not gamble, one’s bankroll can not be bigger than the casino’s bank.

I will write more on this bankroll matter on the ‘Baccarat – the best small business’ later in the week. Winning S$900,000 on S$400. No typo error there.

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