At what point should we double down on a BJ when playing a singledeck 6 to 5 game?

I know the first answer will be to not play 6 to 5 at all. But I dont have much choice. The 2 casinos close to me have singledeck, but are both 6 to 5.

Casino 1, All cards dealt face up, double on 10 and 11 only, no double after split, 6 to 5 BJ, cant resplit aces

Casino 2: Cards dealt face down, double on any 2, double after split allowed, cant bet more than 5X the amount of previous bet at anytime, BJ pays 6 to 5 also

Anyway I have some questions. Is there any True Count that justifies doubling down on a 6 to 5 BJ? I would imagine against a 6 or 5 with a TC of +6 or more or something along those lines, but Im just guessing I dont have the actual numbers.

Which game is advantageous? Im pretty sure casino 2 would be but the cards are dealt face down in a pitch game and not everyone shows their hands so theres times when you cant know the exact count.

I have won 5 sessions in a row and am working with a small bankroll that I have just built to over 2k and looking to keep going. I won 224 today not including tips to dealers and waitresses and am home now. I feel like I should call it a day but theoretically shouldnt we be putting in as many hours as possible to maximize EV? Im very well known at my local casino and I dont always feel like talking to people if that makes sense. Im really looking to build this roll into something substantial and never look back.

When I stay focused and stick to counting usually things go well enough. Its when I drink and chase etc that I can run into trouble and blow my whole roll.

Im wondering if other counters out there play 1 or 2 hands? When the count becomes + do you switch to 2 spots?

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