Any Lasting Negatives From Getting Comp Rooms and Stiffing?

Hi all

So I have a few casinos where I get comps/freeplay etc. to subsidize my travel costs. I’ll make one big play and see what offers they send, then keep using the offers until they dry up.

I’m wondering- are there any lasting negatives to this strategy on those cards?

For example, one place I stayed about 6 weeks in total last year, and the offers finally dried up. I didn’t completely stiff them (would hustle some slots on the card while staying there) but no big table games play.

My question- would they mark my card as a ‘stiffer’ and never send more comps regardless of my play? Or am I able to go back, make a big play, and get on the gravy train again?

Anyone ever get backed off from comp hustling too hard?

I don’t count on these comp players cards, obviously.


Disco Stu

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