Any fair online Blackjack in Canada?

Just wondering if it’s me or not but I have wasted quite a bit of money on OLG blackjack and Mansion Casino. Using the strategy chart and putting in $100 I usually last about 10-12 minutes making $5 bets and religiously following the charts. OLG is worse as the actual Blackjacks are 6 to 1 and every time you have a 19 or 20 against a 5 or 6 the dealer gets a 21. Mansion Casino is a little better but I’ve been able to win like $10 and get off but if you try and stay on any longer you stand no chance. I just finished losing 11 of 13 hands and losing 3 double downs. When I use to be able to go to real casinos before Covid closures this never happened. Worse loss was 11 straight hand on the OLG site. I’m not counting the pushes. Is there any sites that are fair or am I just unlucky?

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