Another card, please, at the blackjack table Crossword Clue, Crossword Solver

RANK ANSWER CLUE HIT ME “Another card, please,” at the blackjack table GLADE Pleased, at the end, to get into an open space in a wood (5) ELAPSE Slip away, please, at sea (6) BUS STOP Where to wait for playful kiss to please at first (3,4) ROLLMOP Herring with bread ___ instant pleasure at the outset (7) FUNK Blue, perhaps, it”s a pleasure at the weekend (4) SOP Concession that’s very pleasing at first PADDLE A pleasure at the beach? You may not have it up the creek (6) CARD COUNTER Persona non grata at the blackjack table DEALER Pro at the blackjack table BET IT ALL Go for broke at the blackjack table TWIST Playing whist, void of hearts, trump’s opening: another card, please (5) HIT Take another card, at a blackjack table NETFUL Angler’s delight at the end of the day is surprisingly fluent (6) TRANSPORT Delight at the travel arrangement (9) SLAY Delight at the comedy club GHEE Delight at the start of ‘Gimme Shelter’ (4) HE HIT AGAIN AFTER AN ACE Why the blackjack player got odd looks from the rest of the foursome? SMILE Look pleased at getting out of the slime (5) CARD COLLECTING The blackjack dealer’s favorite hobby was ___

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