America Card Room BJ Bots

I assume this has been discussed in this subreddit before, but do we think that live online BJ rooms (America’s Card Room in particular) have bots to try to get the count in favor of the casino or to skew the cards in one way or another?

Was playing earlier and this one seat had the same weird alphanumeric name along with very large wagers, and played for so long all the while losing frequently with blatantly horrible plays (hitting a 14 vs dealer 5, hitting a 13 vs dealer 4, standing with a 13 vs dealer 10 etc). It makes sense if the count is very high, then the bot would want to hit more often to get the 10s out of the ‘real players’ hands. And vice versa, if the count is really low, then the bot would want to stand more often, as to keep the small cards going to the ‘real players’.

Just seemed very strange and have been playing quite a bit on ACR recently to notice some very fishy stuff outta them

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