Am I being ridiculous?

My boyfriend has a problem gambling. He’s already negative from his sports betting online. He likes sports betting, poker, roulette etc. he wants to go to Vegas for New Years but I just had a kidney transplant last month and I am not able to go around crowds for 3 months. He knows this. He keeps calling it a “business trip” because he said I’m preventing him from putting in winning parlays and hitting roulette numbers. He keeps pressing it I told him I can’t. So he’s like well maybe I’ll go with my friends. I said fine but you’re going to need to quarantine when you get back because I literally cannot risk getting covid. He gets all mad and says I’m being selfish by not encouraging him to go and just because I can’t go why does he have to be on my timeline. Well if he was just recovering from major surgery I wouldn’t want to go but that’s just me. Am I being unreasonable? I need honest opinions. (We’ve been together going on 2 years don’t live together)

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