$25 NLHE 6-max: Limp line and catching in the river

I am certainly not a heads-up expert, but my reasoning is, that SB limping is a lot more of a competition strategy, whenever piles are brief, and there’s a ante that is small well. 100BB deep and without ante I think, its better to raise small or fold our range that is entire any AX would for certain be a raise.

I have always been fine with checking right back, because you missed and also have some showdown value.

There are numerous draws, he could possibly be using a stab with, you have to defend with A high even without a kicker.

River(*)Its so I think A light that is little phone straight down with A high no kicker, however you involve some things in your favor right here. You do not block the draws that are busted and he would probably raise most of his AX hands preflop. So calling with your hand that is particular is a lot better than calling with as an example 54 of diamonds, which will be nominally more powerful but block a number of their normal bluffs.(*)

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