2021 Blackjack Wishes

The year is thankfully coming to a close. 2021 has been a crazy year on many levels. Obviously, coronavirus has changed the casino experience for blackjack players and all gamblers.

In 2020 we’ve seen more space at the tables for social distancing. There are also more electronic table games featuring blackjack. These gaming units are easier for casinos to maintain and keep clean. Players like the blackjack game machines because they can be played with limited contact and without sitting close to other players or a dealer.

Hopefully, life will start to return to a somewhat normal place sometime in 2021. While 2020 was different there are some things we’d all like to see continue moving forward in the casinos.

Many players would like to see casinos keep up the cleaning efforts. Casinos tend to be dirty places. It would be nice if the cleaning measures implemented for coronavirus will continue well into the future. Cleaning chips and cards, ample hand sanitizer stations, and spacing between blackjack tables would be nice to see moving forward.

Here are some other things we’d like to see at blackjack tables in Las Vegas and beyond:

More Tables Paying 3:2 For Blackjack

It’s not likely but it would be nice for casino operators in Las Vegas and around the country to offer better blackjack rules. Paying 3:2 for a natural blackjack is obviously better than paying 6:5 which pays winners less than the 3:2 game.

This is just one blackjack rule that will benefit players. This could be a useful tactic for casinos trying to increase business from players who’ve stayed home. Offering player-friendly blackjack rules can benefit everyone.

The better rules will keep the guest in the casino longer which should lead to more fun for the players. The longer a player stays in the casino the more likely they are to spend money elsewhere on the property.

This might not be beneficial to beancounters at casino corporations over time but it could help for 2021 at a minimum.

Return To Normal Blackjack Tables

Recreational blackjack is most fun when players are socializing. Of course, we understand the current safety measures and always want the best rules. However, we also crave the fun casino experience.

Having socially distanced seating at each table limits how many people can enjoy the game together. Personally, my friend groups who visit Las Vegas couldn’t play blackjack or most table games together. That’s a bit of a bummer as we all have the most fun gambling together.

Some day there will be blackjack tables with five or six or six players again. Similarly removing barriers will allow players to communicate with each other more easily.

The requirement to wear a face-covering may slow the intake of adult beverages for players. This reduces inhibitions and helps quieter players come out of their shells to be more social. The more chatter at the table often leads to more fun playing blackjack.

This should happen before the year is over. Time will tell.

Lower Blackjack Limits

Since there are fewer spaces allowed at each table, some casinos have raised the minimum bet. For example, $5 tables are now $10 while $10 tables have a $15 minimum and $15 tables are now $25 minimum tables.

Recreational blackjack players are price sensitive. Hopefully, the casinos will adjust the limits when more players can sit at each table. This is another way players can have more fun playing blackjack.

Casino operators are tracking profits closely and will adjust to whatever makes the most sense financially. That’s rarely for the benefit of players but 2021 could be an exception.

Better Rewards For Blackjack Players

There will be several new casino rewards programs in Las Vegas and around the country next year. Mohegan Sun will debut its Momentum Rewards program at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas when it opens. The Las Vegas property will be different than others but will link with other Momentum properties.

Resorts World Las Vegas hasn’t revealed its casino loyalty program yet. However, it should be something new to Sin City when the property opens in the Summer of 2021.

Wynn Rewards and Grazie at The Venetian have already upgraded their rewards programs. The former should be better for new members. The latter appears to be similar to the previous loyalty program.

More Online Blackjack

States like New Jersey and Pennsylvania already offer online blackjack games. More states should begin offering online casinos next year. Online casinos sometimes offer even better blackjack rules than the retail casinos they represent.

While retail casinos dominate the market, it would be nice to see Nevada offer online blackjack and other games. This is unlikely, but we can have dreams.

If nothing else, offering online casinos could be a moneymaker for casinos if there’s ever another shutdown. This would also provide more tax money for states with legal online gambling.

More Outdoor Blackjack

Coronavirus spreads more easily indoors than outdoors. It would be nice to see more casinos offer gaming outside of the casinos. This isn’t a novel idea in Las Vegas. Properties have been offering different kinds of outdoor gaming over the years.

While Red Rock Casino offers outdoor blackjack at a bar next to the pool. Caesars Palace offers swim-up blackjack inside of the pool.

The Mohegan Sun casino at Virgin may offer swim-up blackjack next year. The company held on to the outdoor blackjack tables that were used by the former owners – Hard Rock Casino Las Vegas.

Some casinos around the country have offering outdoor gaming in tents instead of gaming inside of the casino. This would be a great option heading into 2021.

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