$1.10 NLHE MTT Bounty: villain shoves this river, had been that a hero call?

Hand: https://www.cardschat.com/replayer/524Not9KO

No information on the villain – he’s the bounty that is minimum his head $0.25
I call his bet from utg-1 on the SB
Flop I check giving him a chance to c-bet, he checks behind.
Turn I make a bet that is small draw out some value and present him to be able to take action once again, he simply calls
River i can not see grounds to bet once again getting value and We simply check anticipating him to always check behind and go after showdown bc I can’t see in what worst arms he is able to phone another bet, in which he chooses to jam!

My big concern with this hand is river all-in through the villain, We nearly invested all my time bank before calling that, is a strange river the completes a flush draw he might have called with in the change, or he may have a T and made trips, I do not understand.

I made a decision to call with anything

So with this in mind I think he actually made a value bet (?) and that made me think about the time it took me to call this because I thought he would have bet the flop if he was on a flush draw, at the same time is a strange bluff, specially because of the stacks, I mean this is a bounty tournament where there are toons of players who would have call it. exactly what do you consider? was that a hero call? simple call? I am directly to give consideration to folding so very hard on this spot?(*)

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